CaribHRForum is a network whose membership includes almost 600 Caribbean Human Resource Professionals. This site provides a venue and means for sharing information and discussing topical issues related to the field of Human Resources in the region.

Our mission is to provide the means to connect HR practitioners in the region in a way that educates, informs and brings them together.

When it was started back in 2003, the forum had only ten members who were connected by Francis Wade, its founder. Today, it is the largest online, active active group of HR professionals in the region.  This site was created in 2008 to further assist members to share the most recent ideas, as well as to make information available to the wider Caribbean community.

For more information about joining the free CaribHRForum discussion list, click on the “Join Here” tab above.

CaribHRForum also publishes the bi-weekly CaribHRNews, compiling all the news from the region related to the field of Human Resources on a bi-weekly basis.  Also, HR jobs culled from some of the region’s newspapers are sent to all members each month.

Most recently, both CaribHRNet and CaribHR.Radio were launched in 2010.  The Net is our professional networking site on LinkedIn, and it only accepts Caribbean HR professionals.

CaribHR.Radio is our newest venture and you can tune in to our public broadcasts and hear the CaribHR.Radio show at http://radio.caribhrforum.com.  We are currently conducting bi-weekly shows, and you can receive a free summary of past episodes here, or listen to the archive by clicking here.


sponsors-header.pngphoto-francis-wade-jacsa-certf-graduation.JPG CaribHRForum was created by Francis Wade, and is sponsored by Framework Consulting — http://fwconsulting.com. To see his bio, please visit the Framework Consulting website or click here.

.Contact Francis if you are interested in sponsoring the show or placing an advertisement by visiting his contact page – http://ReplytoFrancis.info.



CaribHRForum is made possible by volunteers who freely give of their time to benefit the field of Human Resources in the region. .


Monique Walker is a 20-year plus veteran in the field of customer service-delivery. She is a certified hospitality trainer and educator with American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute, holds a BSc. in Hospitality and Tourism Management and and MSc. in Human Resource Management from Florida International University. Her primary objective is to use her inter-personal skills, her underpinning knowledge and competence to elevate best-practices which ultimately increase productivity levels and empower individuals to produce extraordinary results. At CaribHR.Radio she is a volunteer Assistant Producer for CaribHR.Radio