Would you help me PlayTest a new platform for CaribHRForum?


Beta Testing is over!

Thanks to all those who participated.

You are invited to join CaribHRForum using this link: caribhrforum.mn.co

In the past few months I have shared the fact that we are building a new version of CaribHRForum Community using a new platform. In this email I would like to invite you to be one of the handful of people chosen to give it an early test.

As you may imagine, an online network of professionals in the HR industry crossing the Caribbean would be an innovation. At CaribHRForum we have tried different approaches since 2003 to achieve this objective, and finally a technology exists that allows us to connect in a fruitful way. (Yes… it’s far better than Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram.)


You can apply to help us PlayTest our Beta version which runs for the month of January 2019. It includes:
– a few Topics for discussion specially selected for the Beta, each led by a Moderator
– a new training customized for CaribHRForum – “How to Become a Great Online Community Member”
– the ability to connect with anyone via private chats and follows

All you need is the willingness to be honest, and an interest in one (or more) of these Beta Topics:

  • Employee Engagement / Culture (moderated by me)
  • Industrial Relations (moderated by Gerry Pinard)
  • Training (moderated by Tracey Wallace)
  • Finding a Job/Employment (moderated by Akeem Branford)

By the end of the Beta, you should not only have some valuable connections you can tap into whenever you want, but you should be able to develop the skills to benefit from any online professional network. Plus, it should be a fun opportunity to explore a fresh way to meet, support and link with future colleagues in the region.

Apply here by answering a few questions. The group will be limited in size so act quickly, if interested.

Francis Wade

P.S. Update – Jan 16th, 2019 –  we are undertaking one more round of testing, based on the feedback of over 100 users so far.


How to Gamify Employee Engagement

By Francis

For most companies, staff engagement is just like a religious belief: Someone either has it or doesn’t. This separation between those who are blessed or cursed is familiar to any church-goer, but does it have a place in corporate Jamaica? There may a better way starting with a key assumption.
Many managers assume that high performance is an innate characteristic. “Is so dem stay!” is a retort that ends arguments. In their mind, it’s due to …read more

Source:: How to Gamify Employee Engagement

Change your business model

By Francis

There’s a certain false comfort which comes from believing that your organization’s profitability will always occur in the same way, year after year. That is, until the magic stops. When a disruption takes place, you must face the facts: your products are stale, your people disengaged and your loyal customers are doing business with someone else altogether.

Now, it’s time to transform your business, except that you are too late. The perfect moment was several years …read more

Source:: Change your business model


If you are an HR Professional in the Caribbean, you just might be in time to complete an important survey…

Francis writes:

I meet Human Resource Professionals across the region all the time and one their complaints is that they feel alone.
They may be a member of a professional body, but the key is to have the kind of close, 24-7 relationships they enjoy on places like Facebook or Whatsapp.
The fact is, they are often too busy to meet others face to face, but they still want to feel as if they belong… as if their work matters.
We’re hoping that the new online community we’re creating at CaribHRForum will provide this experience. This new platform we are customizing is unlike anything I have ever seen, but it will only work if we fit it to your needs.
Tek a 2 minutes and mek us know dem noh?
Click right here – https://goo.gl/mKd2mX

Key Strategic Skills Managers Must Master to Become Executives

By Francis

Why do managers sometimes flounder when they become executives? One reason: their new role requires them to create a corporate strategy. It’s a task for which they have never been trained.

I have often told the tale of the just-promoted manager who, everyone soon discovers, was elevated based only on his technical skills. As the rubber hits the road, it becomes clear that he is ill-prepared.

Another similar problem occurs when a manager is appointed to …read more

Source:: Key Strategic Skills Managers Must Master to Become Executives

The High Cost of Low Turnover

By Francis

Note – in this column, I have also prepared some audio notes to expand on some of the ideas that would not fit within the limits of text. Click here to listen in.

In most Jamaican companies, there’s an unquestioned assumption that long staff tenure is an indicator of strong company loyalty. Maybe it’s not. I suggest that as the economy grows it may reveal a deeper truth: these benefits occur with a high price …read more

Source:: The High Cost of Low Turnover

The Missing Ingredient that Makes Meetings Drag

By Francis

What can be done in your company to conduct fewer meetings of shorter length but higher quality? The fact is, bad ones take up precious collective time, diverting attention away from other activities. Most complain that they represent a significant source of corporate waste.

A few years ago, I assisted in conducting an assessment centre for a client. This activity involved stress-testing the skills of a group of managers-in-training. We, the judges, observed them closely …read more

Source:: The Missing Ingredient that Makes Meetings Drag

Why Boards Need Their Own HR

By Francis

Recent headlines are rife with reports of board members in trouble. Via poor actions or inaction, they have made deadly mistakes with awful consequences to themselves, sponsors and stakeholders. With their reputations in tatters, they resign, hoping to survive a scandal they helped to create. But are they always guilty of wrongdoing?

In fact, most organizations put board members in a precarious position. While the average staff member benefits from the nearby presence of human resource …read more

Source:: Why Boards Need Their Own HR

How Your Company Should Address Staff Engagement Questions

By Francis

With regards to employee engagement, what do you do if your executive team can‘t agree? Some see symptoms of deep disengagement, while others don’t. Suggestions for how to intervene go nowhere, stuff that used to work in the past no longer succeeds and other companies’ case studies seem not to apply.

As Tolstoy said in Anna Karenina: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

My experience supports the notion …read more

Source:: How Your Company Should Address Staff Engagement Questions