CaribHRForum is in the process of building a new online community to replace ones which have been used in the past. It will be launched in the early part of 2019. It will enter a Beta Phase on Jan 1st, 2019.

The planning statements being used to guide the design of the community are as follows:

CaribHRForum Community Vision / Purpose /Strategy

What is the vision and mission of this community? How should we work together? What should we work on together?


To empower the Caribbean with a single HR community that bridges gaps and produces synergy, thereby meeting CaribHRForum’s Mission.


CaribHRForum Community – A self-sustaining, 2000+ person online HR network with 500 individuals contributing per month by Jan 2021.

The Mission and Vision are accomplished by being about Practical Answers, Cross-Cultural Practices, The Power of a Tribe, Having Fun and the Best Technology.


To have strong, sustainable, interconnected regional HR organizations. More CEOs with HR backgrounds. Better and more soft skills in companies. Productive talent management (performance management and training). Easy to access training. Cross-Regional answers. A sense of belonging. A place to build social capital. Create tangible outputs that serve the HR community.


Share best practices. Build HR organizations. Offer learning opportunities. Provide a friendly home for each other online. Find fresh ideas. Share news. Share connections with people. Expand employment.

Online networking. Channel selecting and usage. Content creating and sharing. Sefl-disclosure. Supporting. Recruiting. Onboarding. Moderating. Requesting help. “Commercing”. Promoting. Sustaining. Linking. Grouping. Problem and Interest defining. Tech learning. Volunteering.