Inviting Authors For CaribHRForum

istock_000001701558xsmall.jpgIf you have always wanted to share some ideas related to Human Resources in the Caribbean, this might be your opportunity.

The CaribHRForum blog is inviting HR practitioners to be a part of the writing team, for 3 months at a time.

The benefits of writing in the blog are numerous:

  • network with other professionals by sharing your ideas
  • show up on Google searches related to the topics you decide to write about
  • practice putting your ideas into words in a friendly forum

The process is simple. You agree to submit one post per week for three months, and CaribHRForum will, at its discretion, post the article on the blog, with your name listed as the author. The post needs to address Human Resource issues as they apply to the Caribbean.

You will be coached by me in how to get the right tone for a blog — I currently run three blogs in addition to this one, receiving thousands of hits per month. You need to have no technical ability whatsoever, other than a knowledge of how to send me email.

At the end of three months, we rotate the responsibility to other authors from the region, thereby keeping the ideas fresh. Of course, there is the possibility of being picked up for subsequent 3 month stints.

So — let me know. Contact us here at CaribHRForum with an email sharing your interest, your writing experience and a writing sample of any kind.



How to Make the Most of CaribHRForum

istock_000000797943xsmall.jpgOn this, the launch of the new, enhanced CaribHRForum website, it makes sense to review the best practices we have been employing on CaribHRForum.

For NEW members

1. If you have not already logged in as a member of CaribHRForum’s Discussion List, I recommend that you start there. Visit the “Discussions” tab at top, and follow the instructions to join as a member.

2. Spend a few days observing the discussions. If the volume happens to be low, you can get things going by sending a quick introduction of yourself. Simply send email to with a short “hello, my name is…, I am from…, I work for….”

3. Observe enough of the conversation to get an idea of the tone, and the tempo. Jump in when you feel confident by sending email to the address, or by replying to an email from the discussion list.

4. Tell your friends in the HR profession about CaribHRForum. Invite them to visit this website and to join the Discussion List.

For Existing members

1. You have probably been watching other people send emails back and forth, and chances are you have some of your own opinions. Simply hit reply to an email that you find provocative and participate! Let others know that you exist and that you have a point of view.

2. You probably joined CaribHRForum in order to enhance your own networking skills, and also to build a bigger network, period. The best way to do that is to share your interests with those who are on the list, in a way that makes it clear that you have something unique to say. Trust me… you are already special (in the good way) and anything useful that, you say will assist you in your networking efforts.

3. Visit the archives to view past conversations. The old Yahoo groups that we used to use until we switched over to the fwconsulting server is still available — see

You can view the current archives by using one of those monthly reminder emails that you receive from the Discussion List with your unique password to follow the link, and click on “View Archives.” You must login to access these archives.

Want Even More?

1. Delve into the regional conversation on the Discussion page. Add your point of view on regional conferences, HRMAC, regional HR certification, etc.

2. Respond by taking one of the volunteer positions in CaribHRForum. Keep checking this blog for more details as they become available.


Why Does CaribHRForum Need a Website?


If you are a long-time subscriber to the CaribHRForum discussion list you may well be wondering to yourself — why does CaribHRForum need a website, a blog and all that stuff?

Well, as useful as the CaribHRForum discussion list is to have, it’s a tough idea to describe to someone who has never experienced a discussion list before.

I decided based on the feedback from HR professionals to provide something more tangible, and something more welcoming. I especially had in mind HR professionals across the region who aren’t all that computer savvy, and who still want to network and connect.

This blog and website are a way to expand the conversation we have been having on the discussion list to include more of our colleagues, and to provide other ways for them to share the information, discussion and other good things that we on the CaribHRForum discussion list have been sharing for several months.

Thankfully, this site can be expanded easily, and new content can be added with just a few clicks, ensuring that our information remains timely, relevant and fresh.

So, welcome to the new, expanded CaribHRForum!