Should someone who is bad at email be promoted?

By Francis

Is there such a thing as email prowess? And is it important enough to be one of the core criteria for promotion? Many would disagree, but there’s evidence which suggests that electronic messaging is no longer a diversion from your work, but an essential component.

It’s fair to say that most managers see email as a nuisance, an activity they would gladly do without. Professionals from an older generation can remember a simpler age when …read more

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Why Strategic Planning Offers Team-Building Opportunities

By Francis

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Why is it said that a well-conducted strategic planning retreat can be the best executive team-building session ever? What elements should you include so that the time spent helps participants work better than before?

First, you must start by setting aside any recent, fluffy definition of “team-building”: it’s become synonymous with “entertaining.” For many it means “changing out of work clothes to engage in an activity completely unrelated to the …read more

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Why Effective Leaders Never Play It Safe

By Francis

The audio version of this article can be found here, plus an archive of past publications

What allows a few corporate leaders to take risks so effortlessly? And why are so many of the rest over-cautious, trapped in behaviors that leave staff uninspired and disengaged? These tough questions resist one-size-fits-all answers but much can be learned from the leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Few realize that he died with a disapproval rating of 75%, higher …read more

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Our New Community is Launched


Today, CaribHRForum announces the end of Beta PlayTesting and the launch of its new network:

If you have ever searched for advice, support, a quick connection or even an opportunity to share your expertise, find out more about this unique professional network now.

(Yes, it’s free.)

How to Reach Customers with Engaged Communities

By Francis

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What can be done about the apparent high level of dissonance between local brands and their respective customers? Most executives and customers at companies like JPS, Digicel and NCB want a close, trusted relationship, but why do managers complain that this outcome is harder to deliver than ever?

As a consumer, I notice that the brands I frequent spend a lot of time and energy shouting (i.e. advertising) at me. …read more

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Why Your Business Needs a Mature Relationship to Standards

By Francis

You can find the audio version of this article here.

We Jamaicans have a difficulty noticing high standards, even when they hit us right in the face. This habit ruins organizations when leaders are the worst culprits.

For example, even our savviest business leaders sometime fall for hucksters who promise miracle “opportunities” which provide instant, effortless riches.

Case in point: I recall intelligent friends trying to convince me that Olint and Cash Plus were legitimate ventures being …read more

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How your business can sell a transformation

By Francis

It’s obvious in hindsight. Our very best customer service memories happened when something special left us different than we were before. As a result, when we approached the seller again, we were not the same person: we had been transformed.

Lest you think this is an impossible task for your business, take another look. This transformation can happen anywhere. For example, my local pan-chicken man offers more than food in each interaction. It helps that his …read more

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Would you help me PlayTest a new platform for CaribHRForum?


Beta Testing is over!

Thanks to all those who participated.

You are invited to join CaribHRForum using this link:

In the past few months I have shared the fact that we are building a new version of CaribHRForum Community using a new platform. In this email I would like to invite you to be one of the handful of people chosen to give it an early test.

As you may imagine, an online network of professionals in the HR industry crossing the Caribbean would be an innovation. At CaribHRForum we have tried different approaches since 2003 to achieve this objective, and finally a technology exists that allows us to connect in a fruitful way. (Yes… it’s far better than Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram.)


You can apply to help us PlayTest our Beta version which runs for the month of January 2019. It includes:
– a few Topics for discussion specially selected for the Beta, each led by a Moderator
– a new training customized for CaribHRForum – “How to Become a Great Online Community Member”
– the ability to connect with anyone via private chats and follows

All you need is the willingness to be honest, and an interest in one (or more) of these Beta Topics:

  • Employee Engagement / Culture (moderated by me)
  • Industrial Relations (moderated by Gerry Pinard)
  • Training (moderated by Tracey Wallace)
  • Finding a Job/Employment (moderated by Akeem Branford)

By the end of the Beta, you should not only have some valuable connections you can tap into whenever you want, but you should be able to develop the skills to benefit from any online professional network. Plus, it should be a fun opportunity to explore a fresh way to meet, support and link with future colleagues in the region.

Apply here by answering a few questions. The group will be limited in size so act quickly, if interested.

Francis Wade

P.S. Update – Jan 16th, 2019 –  we are undertaking one more round of testing, based on the feedback of over 100 users so far.


How to Gamify Employee Engagement

By Francis

For most companies, staff engagement is just like a religious belief: Someone either has it or doesn’t. This separation between those who are blessed or cursed is familiar to any church-goer, but does it have a place in corporate Jamaica? There may a better way starting with a key assumption.
Many managers assume that high performance is an innate characteristic. “Is so dem stay!” is a retort that ends arguments. In their mind, it’s due to …read more

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