Got Some Gaps? Can a Data or Analytics Program Begin to Fill Them?

It’s hard for Human Resource Professionals in the Caribbean to keep their skills fresh. Not only have budgets been cut for some time, but the number of training organizations has dwindled.

But as a practitioner, you still want to add new capabilities, particularly in areas where HR Professionals are showing gaps.

According to recent global research, only 21% are proficient in the most essential HR competencies. The result? Some 60% of HR Professionals are falling behind more tech-savvy colleagues.

Anecdotal evidence from the Caribbean seems to support this claim. Like their counterparts overseas, regional CEO’s love data and want to manage their workforces through the lens of People Analytics.

But many are frustrated at the slow pace of change in HR. While other departments have made the switch and become more data-driven, most HR departments have not.

What does this mean for you?

It may be time for an honest evaluation. Are you actively future-proofing your career and making the kind of investments that make you C-Level attractive?

Can your executive team see that a shift is underway in your HR department?

If you’re not sure, consider that it’s time to make an investment. The programs at the Academy to Innovate Human Resources (AIHR) may be a useful next step.

What does AIHR Offer?

  • 11 certificate online programs, all self-paced (Business Partner 2.0, Digital HR, Strategic HR Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion, People Analytics, HR Metrics and Reporting, Talent Acquisition, L&D, Organizational Development, Compensation & Benefits)
  • an all-you-can-learn “Full Academy” price for 12 continuous months of access
  • dedicated coaches and a global student community
  • real world projects and case studies
  • a career centre, resource library, skill assessments
  • live events

These programs have been developed in the past few years to fill critical gaps in HR departments around the world. This means that it’s an excellent way to bring your skills right up to the cutting edge, so your relationship with your CEO or Managing Director doesn’t stagnate in a pool of low expectations.

It’s why Samantha Wilkinson took their Full Academy:

CaribHRForum offers an everyday 20% reduction off all AIHR prices, plus an occasional, annual, additional Black Friday discount. To find out more about claiming the most recent discount, share your contact information with us. ) Or simply follow the Easy Purchase Steps below.

Easy Purchase Steps

Step 2

Select the program you want from the page. Click on “Get Full Access” (the most popular product covering all certificates) or “Enroll Now” on the single certificate you want.

Step 3

Apply your 25% extra Black Friday coupon by clicking this link.

Step 4

Complete the checkout process by making your payment.

Still confused?

Watch this video, or speak with their admissions advisor via phone or email! Or maybe call or Francis at CaribHRForum for assistance.

Testimonials from Past Students

Michelle Majid

Kerron Ramganesh

Carol Bent Wright


A Full Academy License normally costs US$1650 before discounts. Certificate programs cost US$975.

12 months of access in an All You Can Learn model. 11 certificate programs include over 40 online courses. Connect here for details.

Plus, you can take any future programs which are added during the tenure of your Full Academy.

The partnership with CaribHRForum offers 20% everyday discounts. There’s an additional discount during Black Friday in November each year

Yes, there is a smartphone app

All students are assigned to a coach for each program. They also enjoy membership in a global learning community.

All programs are self-paced

SHRM and HRCI credits have been pre-assigned to each certificate.

There is a 100% guarantee for 60 days.

Here are links to all AIHR demo programs. (They don’t include access to the coach or student communities, or additional resources)

There are six and nine month installment plans available. Contact an AIHR representative for details at [email protected].

At our 2021 virtual conference, we hosted Nyasha Mupfumi from AIHR. He’s been working from us since the very beginning of our partnership and has set some time aside for anyone affiliated with CaribHRForum.

From Nov 22rd – 28th 202, AIHR is offering an additional 25% off all their courses. When combined with a 20% discount from CaribHRForum, you can claim a 45% total reduction in price if you make a purchase between those days.

For example, the popular Full Academy License (an all-you-can-learn offering) gives you access for 12 months to all the certificate programs, costs only $990.

Each certificate program costs $595 with the Black Friday discount.