CaribHRForum is an online network of English-speaking Caribbean Human Resource Professionals. It currently reaches about several thousand members via its community, website, mailing list and social media presence.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for HR practitioners to experience the surprise, fun, and learning which comes from connecting with like-minded folks across the region.

I’m Francis Wade, and together with my colleague and wife, Dale Pilgrim-Wade, we are the creators and hosts of CaribHRForum. We’ve come a long way since we started back in 2003 with less than 10 members drawn from a number of countries to a single discussion mailing list. We had a funky graphic, hard-to-use software and a long, complicated name.

The forum has been through several incarnations, using different online channels, evolving with technology. Today, we occupy an online community supported by Mighty Networks, and conduct an annual conference, but our plan is the same: to remain a virtual, volunteer-led organization.

This site provides a central point for the public to know more about our network and how it serves the region’s Human Resource Professionals, Learning and Development experts, Industrial Relations practitioners and others in related roles.

In addition, the forum hosts CaribHRNet, a Linkedin group only for HR professionals launched in 2010. There’s also a Facebook page with the latest information available to the public. Finally, we have an Instagram presence.

Prior episodes of CaribHR.Radio, a podcast which ran from 2010-2016 right here at http://radio.caribhrforum.com.  You can access a free summary of past episodes here, or listen to the archive by clicking here.


Most of the events and services offered by CaribHRForum are available for free, as a result of the generosity of our sponsors.

Our longest running sponsor is Framework Consulting — http://fwconsulting.com, which is a firm owned by Francis Wade and Dale Pilgrim-Wade.

.Contact me with any questions related to sponsorship or advertising on CaribHRForum, or any other questions you may have – http://ReplytoFrancis.info., To learn more about engaging CaribHRMarketing as a partner in reaching the region’s HR Professionals with your brand, visit this page.

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Francis Wade