Does your organization have a product whose purchase is influenced by a Caribbean HR Professional?

It’s important that you build your brand in this niche, but maybe you don’t have a reliable way to reach this cohort. You need a way to understand and communicate with English-speaking Human Resource Professionals from Bermuda to Suriname that is painless and quick.

Perhaps you have tried other options such as Linkedin/email or telephone calls, or maybe even a dedicated salesperson. By now you may have learned that the region’s professionals tend to be conservative in their decision-making, and are hesitant to do business with brands they don’t know or trust. However, the cost and time it takes to build relationships may just be too much to reach your targets.

It’s possible that CaribHRForum can help.

Since 2003, we have been bringing together Caribbean professionals in HR, L&D, IR, Recruiting and other related fields, but only online. We introduced the idea of using the internet as a means to introduce people to each other and sustain the link, without ever meeting in person.

Over the years, CaribHRForum has evolved into a network of some 5000 people on several platforms. We hold an annual virtual conference that brings together an audience of 1500 free registrants. Our links with regional thought leaders and HR organizations allows us to understand the needs of our audience at a detailed level: we rely on analytics to track specific behaviors that helps us predict (with increasing accuracy) how our audience responds.

Our Campaigns

We construct custom engagement campaigns for brands which desire a direct connection with a Caribbean HR audience audience. We offer a number of basic services.

  • organic promotions on social media
  • email marketing
  • paid advertisements on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Google
  • retargeting the most active professionals
  • direct placement of ads through our branded accounts

We also offer more advanced offerings such as:

  • copywrite services using our “Aspirations to Headlines” process
  • product development and marketing consulting
  • advertising consulting
  • training

The above options allow us the flexibility to meet your needs with a custom budget. We work with you to come up with solutions that you may find to be surprisingly effective.

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