From its inception in 2003, the Forum has been built on the volunteer efforts of HR professionals around the region.  They have worked to produce podcasts, pull together job ads from newspapers, engaged in regional research, hosted radio programs, designed logos, worked with students, written blog posts and much more.

Our volunteers come with a serious commitment, and actually work under what we call “honor contracts” – signed documents that are not legally binding, but represent professional agreements built on a foundation of mutual integrity. They agree to get more out of the experience than they put in. For example, some measure it in terms of professional visibility, while others get a chance to practice new skills in a safe environment.

In the near future we hope offer internships, which will have a small stipend.

CaribHRForum Volunteers

Interested in Being a Volunteer?

We generally have volunteer openings in two areas: the online community and our virtual conference which takes place in September each year. Use this contact page to indicate your interest.

Past Volunteers

The success of CaribHRForum is made possible by volunteers who freely give of their time for the benefit of the community. While it’s not possible to make a complete list of the hundreds who have assisted over the years, here is a partial list of some of earliest and most recent volunteers.

Tracey Wallace

Demar Cornwall

Rekha Williams

Paula Atkinson

Monique Walker

Tanya Dixon

Eloivene Blake

Lorraine Gray-Grant

Makini Borde

Bianca Welds

Gale A. Archibald

Roseann Collymore

Michelle Day

Alia Vaz-Heaven

Brigitt HooSang

Denise Ali

Donna Ball

Felicia Lynch

Monique Hassell

Gina Terry

Marcia Goodridge

Natalie Austin

Nathan Charles

Nsombi JaJa

Sandra Foster

Scott Hilton-Clarke

Simmone Bowe

Nalini Sookram

Tenneil Rashford

Jonelle Downer

Lara Quentral-Thomas

Derek Luk-Pat

Melinda George

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  1. I am interested in adding my voice to the list of current contributors. I am currently a Doctoral Student (Conflict Analysis and Resolution) looking to share the incredible academic experience with others. The aim is to inspire critical thinking on the opportunities to improve our interaction with others and how to manage the complex range of emotions that exist in stressful encounters.

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