Are you a Human Resource Professional, a Learning and Development expert or someone who works in a related industry? Do you feel a bit disconnected from your colleagues with similar interests?

Consider joining the volunteer-run CaribHRForum Community, powered by the Mighty Networks platform.

The community on the platform was founded in 2019 as the newest online network formed here at CaribHRForum. We have been working at this since 2003, evolving from one technology to another, outgrowing several other options along the way.

Now, we have hundreds of practitioners like you interacting with each other in a single, private location engaged in all kinds of virtual activities: webinars, mentoring, coaching, learning, creating content, holding conferences, holding live networking sessions, partnering on projects, and more.

It’s a place to benefit from others in the region who share so much!

Don’t stay disconnected for too long. Jump in by establishing a complimentary Trial Membership today.

(Yes, it’s free!)


To empower the Caribbean with a single HR community that bridges gaps and produces synergy, thereby meeting CaribHRForum’s Mission.