Succession Planning and Long-Term Strategy

Many HR Professionals bemoan the fact that their companies do little succession planning. You wish it were widespread in your company, but the truth is that long-term thinking on the order of 10-30 years is not a formal affair. Usually, nothing is written.

As such, when staff complains, you have nothing to tell them.

This is just one of the issues which plague companies which only make time for short-term problem solving.

In the recent conference, we asked the question why CEOs say: “I know we need a game-changing, long-term strategic plan but…”

To answer the question, I hosted 29 speakers from around the world who have been tackling this question in their work.

A few of us were from the Caribbean, but we had experts from Nigeria, Brazil, Australia, Portugal, Oman, Austria, Germany, USA, UK, Denmark, South Africa, Kenya, France and Canada.

To get a sense of the content shared, view the clip above and the one below.

If your management team would benefit from reviewing the conference, contact us Dale Pilgrim Wade and Francis.

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