What do L&D Professionals Need Now?

How can the region’s L&D Professionals stay relevant even during a time of budget cut-backs?

Our recent survey of the region’s L&D practitioners show that CEO’s finally agree: training and development is not just a nice-to-have, but an important investment.

However, there are severe budgetary constraints to contend with. The gap between the learning companies need and what they can afford has never been greater. Since the 2008 recession, training departments have been decimated in many companies, cutting the investment in employee development. However, COVID has shown the folly of this habit: new skills are needed more than ever to help companies survive the transition to digital capabilities.

Enter the Caribbean’s L&D practitioners and consultants.

But CEO’s want to do more than just throw money at the problem – in fact, they can’t. Now more than ever, L&D must step up to help executives make decisions that return the biggest ROI.

That’s one reason we started CaribL&DForum – a place for serious, talented L&D practitioners to gather, meet and support each other as companies make the transition back to the workplace.

We conducted surveys, interviews and focus groups to uncover the specific unmet needs of L&D professionals are they cope with their moments of greatest struggle. Based on these results we:

  • defined a private community for L&D Professionals
  • made plans to offer training in persuading company leaders of the importance of learning in the post-COVID return to the office
  • offered a free webinar in June 2021 with experts Rita Sookrit from Toronto/Trinidad and Hope McNish from Jamaica

Use this opportunity to link with other regional practitioners, and craft a strategy for staying relevant, so that your career doesn’t suffer a post-pandemic slip.

Click this link to apply to be part of CaribL&DForum today.

Francis Wade

Host, CaribL&DForum

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