How to Ensure HR’s Post-Pandemic Relevance

Do you have what it takes to provide the HR leadership your organization needs?

As companies transition from pandemic-induced restrictions to a New Normal, few think that the road will be easy. Talent management has never been as critical to your company’s future. It’s moved from being a nice-to-have to occupying a critical spot in your company’s transformation.

In HR, you may always have understood this, but now executives do also.

However, this realization is not enough. Developing the workforce your company needs to be successful in the future requires more than insight…it needs practical knowledge, some theory and human resource leadership.

How should HR professionals grasp this opportunity to lead their companies? Knowing how high the stakes are, should HR do more than stick to its knitting? What other aspect of company operations does HR need to master to make a top-quality contribution? What risks should HR take to hold itself accountable?

These aren’t easy questions to ask, but we’ll be answering them in the HR Leadership webinar with Joan Underwood, consultant and author of the Manager’s First Aid kit.

Join her and other HR colleagues in this meet-up – an excellent way to prepare yourself for the challenges the next few months are sure to bring to Caribbean companies.

You’ll participate in an interactive discussion, plus a networking session focused on the evening’s topic. You’ll also receive a free download to help you prioritize your commitments, plus have a a chance to win a free copy of her book.

Don’t miss this session.

Date: Thursday July 15th, 2021 at 6pm Ja/7pm T&T time

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