Coaching Circle – Creative Compensation

Are you prepared for one of the toughest moments in the career of an HR Professional?: Potential big changes in staff’s compensation package.

It’s happening right now in companies across the Caribbean. Faced with COVID-19 related falls in revenue, CEO’s and MD’s are turning to HR, demanding that payroll and other HR related costs be reduced.

It must be done. 

Can it be done so that all impacts feel like win/win?

The ingredients, and approaches are subject to the realities in your business as well as your level of preparedness.

Are you prepared? Do you have a sense of what and how this might be approached outside of a slash and burn?

Do you have the space to be creative? The space to lead change? Do you have the know how at the depth required? Do you know your business to the level required? Have you considered how that is going to change?

Our work in the Caribbean says it can be done. It is not easy, as well with discipline, fact basing, and creativity your objectives can be advanced!

Over a 4-5 week period we’ll be helping you to demonstrate that it can be done, that it can be done fairly and transparently in a way anchored to the  business strategy.

Please join our 4-5 week Coaching Circle on CaribHRForum Community. It’s an opportunity for us to focus on being and acting with agility and resilience in crafting what is required in compensation now!

Overview of Coaching Topics

1.    Organization Context.
2.    Me & my team “Ready or not”?
3.    Compensation context in my business
4.    Hot spots that need addressing NOW. (COVID and related)

This Coaching Circle is not meant to be comprehensive and cover every topic related to today’s urgencies. So… it’s just a start.

Apply Today

Space is limited to less than 10 people. Access is complimentary but Full Members of CaribHRForum Community will receive a higher priority.

(There will be a public webinar on this topic on May 20th, 2020. The replay should be posted up in CaribHRForum Community.)

Registration for the HR Consulting Coaching Circle closes on May 27th.