Content at CaribHRForum

Are you looking for Caribbean-based HR content? Perhaps you are a bit tired of reading, listening and viewing ideas developed in other parts of the world that have little connection to our region.

If so, you may appreciate the work of the members of CaribHRForum who, over the years, have worked to share their ideas in a number of different virtual locations. Their contribution has accelerated over the years, and in early 2021 we offered the first HR Thought Leaders’ Training which focused exclusively on creating impactful content for a regional HR audience.

But if you aren’t a content creator, and you’re looking for some content to read for learning, sharing or personal enjoyment, here are the locations which our members use, in rank order from most activity to least.

Community Content – Trial Membership required. The interactive forum allows members to share and discuss a number of HR topics.

Website Blog – If you scroll back over the years, you can find lots of contributions from our members on this website

Facebook / Linkedin / Instagram – Our members’ content is often shared through these channels owner by CaribHRForum, appearing alongside other regular updates.

Live Webinars / Conference Notifications – Add your name to our mailing list for advanced notification about upcoming events and replays of event videos.

Virtual Conference All Access Passes – This compilation of over 50 hours of video materials was made with content from our recent conference. It’s also one of the few pieces of content you will find for sale. Click here for more information.

Radio Podcast – CaribHR.Radio – from 2010-2015 we had a regular podcast featuring regional and international thought leaders. You can find a full list of all the episodes here but the host (BlogTalkRadio) appears to be limiting their availability.

In a rush? Simple join our mailing list here and you’ll receive a notification of major events and the content our members create.