Crafting a Rapid-Learning Organisation Fit for Covid-19

“Why do I feel like my organisation is reacting to COVID-19, but not learning anything from it?

“Why do I feel as if my organisation’s learning has become a haphazard, hit or miss affair lacking an effective, strategic focus?”

What must be my team/organisation now know, know how to do, and do differently to service this pandemic?

What can I do to help my team get through this period?

If you feel frustrated by your organisations response to Covid-19 and want to be in a better position to lead the change, take comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

You know that you are best qualified to direct your organisation’s learning around COVID-19, but much of it is taking place without you. Deep down you know that there is a better way, a more transformational way to respond. You know that HR and L&D are the ones to answer the questions of HOW and WHAT organisations, teams and individuals should do to acquire the necessary technical and people skills to facilitate and support our new virtual workforce.

The current crisis will not be the last. The next disruption might be an earthquake or hurricane or fire.  You know that with the right support, YOU could help prepare your organisation for the kind of intense learning it needs to survive such disasters — the ability to foresee the future and pivot effectively in response.

The key, as an HR Professional, is to attend to your own learning first. TAKE ACTION NOW by signing up for this FREE 8-week group coaching session geared toward HR Professionals like YOU.

I will personally coach you through a system that I have had to adapt as a formally trained L&D professional, so that you can become a hyper-learner and lead your organisation to become the same.

Here’s the program outline:

  • Week 1 – Mindset Change
  • Week 2 – Learning Key New Skills
  • Week 3 – HR as Learning Curator
  • Week 4 – The Use of Technology
  • Week 5 – Becoming the Change You Seek
  • Week 6 – Development Plans
  • Week 7 – Development Plans (cont.)
  • Week 8 – Next Steps

Enjoy the advice and support of myself and others in a small group setting. We will meet online weekly, for approx. 40 minutes each session. Pick up concrete, actionable steps and build on your experience from one week to the next.

Join the other professionals who will benefit from this first-of-its-kind opportunity to shape and transform your company’s organisational learning, using the shared experience of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Space is limited so APPLY EARLY! Only between 8 – 10 applicants will be selected, to ensure each participant gets the most out of the coaching sessions. Registration closes on May 13th.

Cost: Complimentary for the first cohort.

Tracey D. Wallace, SHRM-SCP

Talent, Performance and Organisational Development Consultant