Did you miss the HR Content Creator’s Webinar?

Did you miss the webinar on Thursday Nov 26th, or maybe could not stay until the end? If so, here’s an opportunity to revisit all that I shared about topics such as:

  • My definition of content vs. what is not content

  • The bi-modal distribution of consultant earnings

  • The Demand and Supply Models of content generation

It was a great evening and you’ll be able to relive the experience by watching the videos, while viewing the slides and reading the chat transcript. Click on the links below.

But before you start, there has been a change…the HR Thought Leaders’ Training won’t launch in December, but in the first week of January 2021 instead.

This is good news for those who realize that the programme will be challenging and would coincide with our first COVID-19 Christmas. Now, you can save up your energy for a big start to 2021 – a year when you can take your content creation to the next level.

If this sounds like you, I recommend that you be proactive and apply to the training. We have both paid (US$99) and free slots available, as you can find here on the information page.

Scroll down for the links to view the video and download the slides/chat transcript.

Just like the Consultants’ Lead Generation Training we held back in June/July 2021, this will be a unique and special opportunity. Don’t miss it.