HR: Are you cutting salaries in 2020? Too much? Not enough?

Perhaps, like many Caribbean companies, your firm is facing a precipitous drop in revenue. Consequently, your executive team has decided to cut payroll costs and has turned to you, the HR manager, for guidance.

But these are unprecedented times. It’s not as if you were around to collect data in the last pandemic. You may have heard rumours and read some news reports, but you have no fact-based data on how much compensation your company should cut by level, and what represents too much or too little. As a professional, this leave you feeling uneasy.

Mark Rim’s Compensation/Salary Trends Survey 2020 (COVID Edition) has been custom built to answer such questions. While it may not be completed before your company begins its payroll cuts, by late 2020 you’ll have it as your essential and most important guide.

For example, from the Free Report you’ll be able to tell whether or not your executive team cut compensation by the right amount. Also, by looking at data across 19 regional territories, you’ll learn how your payroll reduction tactics compare against others. Unlike your competitors, you’ll be able to make some smart adjustments.

This means that you won’t be making decisions in the dark, hoping that you’re not doing long-term damage to your business.

The good news is that the survey is not only free of cost, it’s fast and easy to complete and will deliver you Mark Rim’s Salary Trends Summary Report 2020.

Furthermore, if you need the detailed report on your company’s salary Mark Rim is known for, your participation in this survey locks in a 40% savings. Just order the detailed report by December 2021.

Other companies like CIBC/FirstCaribbean International Bank have already participated. Don’t be left out – You’ll rest assured knowing that even if you make some urgent and hasty decisions now, you can recover later when Mark Rim’s data becomes available.

For more information about participating in Mark Rim’s Compensation/Salary Trends Survey 2020 (COVID Edition) enter your information below. They’ll reach out and help you, as an HR Manager, understand and explain the benefits of this opportunity to your fellow executives.

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