HR Consulting – A Coaching Circle is Starting

Are you thinking of starting an HR freelance or consulting career?

If you are an employee of a company, and currently working in a field related to Human Resources, you may be thinking of becoming your own boss. Perhaps you met HR consultants who you admired. Or freelancers whose skills you know you can emulate.

Or perhaps you are seeing that in these precarious pandemic times, furloughs, layoffs and redundancies are happening to professionals in HR and other fields at an unprecedented rate. It’s time for a serious “Plan B.”

Whatever the cause, you sense that the transition could be one that fulfills your dreams of greater autonomy and purpose, even if you don’t become rich in the process. You just want greater control and meaning, plus a contribution that makes you feel proud.

However, you are realistic.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy at the best of times. There are many challenges I can tell you all about…I left a safe job at AT&T in 1993 to start my consulting firm which I still run today. I’m not rich, but I know how to share my ups and downs in a way that helps you take a much smoother ride.

That’s why I set up a 6 week Coaching Circle on CaribHRForum Community. It’s an opportunity for us to focus on the number one concern most would-be consultants have: Where do I get clients?

I’ll help you shed the myths and focus on what works via the following topics:

  1. Course Overview – consulting skill assessment and statement of your assets
  2. Unmet Needs Analysis – how to describe the market for your services
  3. Product / Service Definition – how to create products/services that meet real needs
  4. LeadGen Activities – how to generate leads effectively and craft a plan
  5. Plan Sharing and Coaching – coaching on your 6 month plan
  6. Next Steps – how to leverage CaribHRForum and other resources to implement your plan

We’ll be working in a small, private group which will balance theory and practice. By the end, you’ll have a 6 month plan that’s practical but based on real-life practices in use by successful consultants.

This Coaching Circle is not meant to be comprehensive and cover every topic related to the consulting industry – it’s just a start. But if it tackles one of the biggest concerns you have about going out on your own, apply today.

Space is limited to less than 10 people. Access is complimentary but Full Members of CaribHRForum Community will receive a higher priority.

(There will be a public webinar on this topic on May 6, 2020. The replay should be posted up in CaribHRForum Community.)

Registration for the HR Consulting Coaching Circle closes on May 13th.