Leading Your Organization’s Response to COVID-19

​”Why do I feel like my organization is reacting to COVID-19, but not learning anything from it?

And…”Why do I feel as if my organization’s learning has become a haphazard, hit or miss affair driven by what people can find on YouTube?”

I get it. You aren’t alone. Many Caribbean HR professionals are seeing the same thing happening but aren’t sure what do about it. You know you are best qualified to direct your organization’s learning around COVID-19 but it’s all taking place without you. At the moment, Google, YouTube and Facebook are teaching everyone from the Chairperson to the janitor how to respond…but not you.

Deep down you know that there is a better way, one that’s transformational. The next disruption might be an earthquake, fire or hurricane but you could prepare the organization for the kind of intense learning it needs to survive…starting now

The key is to attend to your own learning first, to change it from the old classroom paradigm to one that is suited for inter-connected but tumultuous times. It’s almost the opposite of what you were trained to do as an HR or L&D professional.

I designed “Learning Organization Leadership: COVID-19” to help you make this transition. You just follow the simple program. In this pilot phase, it’s absolutely free.

I will personally coach you through a system I have had to adapt as a formally trained L&D professional, so that you can become a hyper-learner and lead your organization to become the same.

Here’s the program outline:

Week 1 – The Mindset Change We Need to Make

Week 2 – New Soft Skills Managers Need

Week 3 – HR as an Online Learning Curator

Week 4 – The Use of Technology in Finding and Delivering Learning

Week 5 – Becoming the Change You Seek

Week 6 – Development Plans

Week 7 – Development Plans

Week 8 – Next Steps

Enjoy the advice and support of myself and others in a small group setting. Pick up concrete, actionable steps from one week to the next.

Join the other professionals who will benefit from this first-of-its-kind opportunity to shape your company’s organizational learning from top to bottom, tapping into knowledge that’s already floating around. Use COVID-19 to transform your organization’s learning.

Space is limited, so apply early. Registration closes May 6th.

Cost: Complimentary.

Tracey Wallace

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