The CaribHRForum Discussion List

CaribHRForum discussion

The Discussion List on CaribHRForum is at the heart of what keeps the community together. It works using a mailman list.

A messages sent to the list is immediately sent back out to all members, who can then respond at their leisure. This all takes place via email. The technology allows us to hold a conversation between hundreds of people over several hours or days, when people find the time to join the conversation.

Like most discussion lists, this one includes lots of people who simply watch the conversation, and a number who engage.

There are two ways to receive email – either 1) at the end of the day with all messages for the last 24 hours  compiled into one or 2) each message one at a time.

Option1) is ideal for those who are time-pressed, while option 2) is best for those who want to engage in the discussion.

So, click on the box below and it will take you to our sign-up page.  Once you have filled out the information, and hit the “Subscribe” button, you will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes.

You must open the confirmation email and click on the link.  Then, automatically, your membership starts and you’ll start to receive email from the discussion list – each message has [CaribHRForum] in the subject line.

Welcome to our discussion list!

Francis Wade