Webinar: HR Loud and Proud Communication

Has the voice of HR in your company been a bit muted?

Fact: precious few HR professionals become CEO’s and MD’s. As you may know, the top spot is usually preserved for former heads of Finance, Operations and Sales. As such, employees in these positions tend to be ambitious, teaching themselves to speak up loudly and clearly early in their careers.

As an HR Professional, you may not aspire to run a large organization, which means you may be satisfied taking a back seat, working on things in the background. Consequently, when the time comes to speak up from the front, (as it did during the advent of the recent Work from Home / Lockdown), you may have found yourself in an unfamiliar, uncomfortable position.

In some cases, others jumped in and spoke up…even when they didn’t have the facts or experience required to do so. Because they were quicker and louder, their voices were heard first.

Or, perhaps when you did speak you weren’t heard. Others just weren’t used to seeing you take a leading role. And you weren’t prepared to stand up to be the thought leader in your company in matters related to the pandemic…which is all about people.

What would it be like to be so confident in your ability to speak (or write, video, zoom, present or teach) from the front without any hesitation…even with the newest of technologies in the most pressure-filled situations?

If this possibility resonates with you at all, don’t miss the Loud and Proud webinar. It’s intended to change your experience as a public figure in your company so that you can take and ultimately command centre stage whenever the need arises.

To help make this happen, we’re bringing together a Talent Development expert, Leah de Souza, a tech CEO, Chris Reckord and the Country Chief Culture & Human Development Officer of JMMB, Georgia Donaldson, in a unique format to break through the challenge of HR Communication. This is no ordinary discussion.

These three are masters in separate disciplines who all see the problem differently and will help you go beyond the anecdotes and cliches you hear every day, towards practical actions you can take. It’s an inside look at a problem that can make or break your career as an HR Professional, and ensure that you are always heard clearly and powerfully, especially when the stakes are high.

In this webinar, you’ll be interacting with our presenters and your colleagues to go deeper than you can from reading an article or listening to a video. You’ll bring your questions, concerns and queries seasoned practitioners with over 50 years combined professional experience.

Join this free event focusing on Loud and Proud HR Communication today. Space on the Remo discussion platform is severely limited so don’t hesitate!

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