Why We’re Hosting An Online Summit

If you are reading this page, chances are high that you are a board or staff member of one of the HR organizations in the Caribbean.

As you may know , we are conducting a gathering of leaders which runs from November 1st, 2018 to January 31st, 2019. The idea is a simple one… born from my experience interacting with leaders like you across the region.

Here it is in a nutshell: Perhaps there is something to gain from a prolonged discussion between the people running our region’s HR organizations. My initial proposal is that such a group conversation be focused on nuts and bolts topics: funding, member engagement, programmes, and conferences. These are the core elements which keep groups like yours running from month to month.

For most, times have been tough. Recessionary pressure has made your job hard and you may have seen budgets shrink, attendances fall, and members disappear.

But even if your organization is thriving, I invite you to contribute what’s working and come in search of answers to what’s not working.

Human Resource professionals are among the most committed I have ever met and as leaders in your respective territories and communities, much rides on your shoulders. By hosting this summit, our goal is to facilitate quality discussions that make a difference.

So, jump in if you’d like and invite your colleagues if you wish. The Summit is closed to the general public, is available on an invitation-only basis and will be moderated. Participation will take place via our new Beta platform and is complimentary.

If needed, contact me here for an invitation and let me know your organization/affiliation.