How to Reset Your HR Unit…with C-Suite support

You sense that your HR Department does not get the funding it needs.

As such, critical capabilities like people analytics remain far beyond reach. This leaves everyone frustrated: HR can’t reach the next level where it has the impact of other departments. Or the growth in skills.

You want to transform this situation, for everyone’s benefit. But where do you start?

In this webinar we’ll begin by acknowledging the challenge HR Units face in uplevelling their skills and capabilities. There are no simple answers.

But we’ll go further and introduce an opportunity to break the logjam. Consider a series of experiential learning events designed to help HR Professionals speak, think, and sound different…strategic, and analytics-oriented.

That’s what our 2023 CaribHRForum Conference series is all about.

In this introductory webinar we’ll tell you all about it, and give you the opportunity to decide if a Hard Reset is right for you and your HR Unit.

Don’t miss this opportunity to weight the costs and benefits.

Time: Thursday Sep 21st, 11:30am Ja/UCT-5

The session will feature an interactive session with the audience, led by Francis Wade, Georgia Donaldson and Kerron Ramganesh.

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