A Summary of All Our Radio Shows!

Cover of CaribHR.Radio Summary 20130-13Recently at CaribHR.Radio, we put together a summary of all our past radio shows through 2013.

It’s been a labor of love to assemble some of the region (and the world’s) brightest minds for the benefit of our local listeners in a field that probably hasn’t been featured on radio with this kind of intense focus.

The summary is available free by simply clicking here and it’s a great way to access a ton of great HR content tailored for the Caribbean listener.

Radio Show with May Hinds and Cathy Norville

Last week I interviewed May Hinds and Cathy Norville. They are both Barbadian consultants working in the OD and HR fields respectively and our interview covered topics related to the transformation of companies, and also the Barbados’ Employee RIghts Act of 2012 and what it means for the country.

They were a lot of fun to have on the show as you can tell from our interaction, and it was great to learn from their experience.

Interview with May Hinds and Cathy Norville on CaribHR.Radio

A Breakthrough Radio Show for GLBT Employees

Recently, CaribHR.Radio hosted a pretty controversial show:  how Human Resource Professionals can find ways to make their workplaces friendly to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) employees.

It was perhaps the most challenging show we have produced and presented so far, but perhaps one of the most rewarding based on the feedback received both before and after the show.

The show aired on July 5, 2011 and you find it in the archives by clicking here:  http://radio.caribhrforum.com