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students-res_yasa.jpgFellow HR Practitioners,

One of the initiatives of CaribHRForum, started last year, is to encourage students of HRM across the region to join the network and begin dialogue with potential employers, mentors and HR colleagues. We consider students and young HR professionals not only the future of the profession, but also the lifeblood of organisations, and need their input and ideas to ensure our profession does not grow stale.

We have already approached some tertiary educational institutes in Trinidad, including UWI, but need your help to increase awareness and participation amongst our HR students. Last year I began by emailing the regional HR Associations to ask for their support in promoting the efforts with student members as a start.

How do you think we can increase both the awareness and appeal of CaribHRForum to young practitioners ? I am open to suggestions and look forward to hearing from you.

Lara Quentrall-Thomas
CaribHRForum Student Coordinator

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  1. Makini BordeFebruary 14, 2008

    Hi Lara,
    As a recently graduated student, I know my class always wanted to participate in seminars and workshops, as attendees or even participants.. recently there was a discussion with this similar advice, and I know HR students would love to be involved in seminars and workshops, giving them the real-life knowledge and the introduction to a world of network.
    I guess we can increase focus directly on the both public and private tertiary institutions (part-time and full-time students) and either make contact to the lecturer or class representative and maybe we can even give a small presentation. Let me brainstorm some more!

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