Hot Topics on CaribHRForum’s Discussion List

If you’re not on the discussion list of CaribHRForum then you might want to think about joining your 500+ HR colleagues who are engaged in some hot conversations about the most contemporary issues facing the profession.

In the last few weeks, here are a few of the topics that have received the most attention:

  • How can we get the most out of attending the SHRM 2011 conference?
  • Applying the Golden Rule (or even the Platinum Rule) be applied to gay/lesbian/bi/transgender members of staff?
  • What kind of training is available for companies that want to be tolerant of GLBT members of staff?
  • Recommending an HRIS in the Caribbean
  • CaribHRNews / CaribHRJobs / CaribHR.Radio
  • What do non-HR practitioners say about regional HR and how its practiced?

If you aren’t a part of these conversations, be sure to be included by clicking on the Join Here tab above and taking advantage of a free membership today.

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