Webinar: 3 Hidden Obstacles to Impactful HR Content

Are you having an impact with your HR content?

As an HR Professional, you may agree that building a person brand can make all difference in achieving your goals. Creating content is one strategy to do so that costs little, but can yield a tremendous return.

However, many find it challenging to either get started, find the time or consistently create articles, audios and videos. If you can relate to this gap between what you know you should be doing and are actually doing in creating content, read on. The most consistent content creators have found ways to get past the obstacles that thwart others, and you can learn from them in the upcoming webinar.

3 Hidden Obstacles to Impactful HR Content – Register Here
Thur Nov 26, 2020 at 6pm Ja / 7pm TT
Presenter: Francis Wade

Come to this unique learning event to discover pathways to become an effective creator of HR content in the Caribbean. With podcasts, virtual conferences, vlogs and pop-up events becoming the norm, opportunities are expanding for you to make a difference. This is a special opportunity to hear some ideas and share with others, plus learn from my experience creating HR related content for a wide audience for the past 15 years.

Space is limited on the Remo interactive platform, but you can watch the presentation via our live feed if you arrive late or the space is filled.


P.S. Reminder:  you can’t use a tablet/iPad or the Firefox browser to access the  webinar. Pro-Tip – Chrome works best on a smartphone or laptop! Remember  to close down other apps and tabs so you get to use full bandwidth and  memory.  Never used Remo before? It’s a step above Zoom – so here’s a quick tutorial and an equipment checklist.

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