Ooops…AIHR Flash Sale Almost Gone – But Where Is Your Coupon?

By now you may know that AIHR offers training in analytic, digitally savvy, data-driven topics. You may not have registered yet, and you probably didn’t know about the 40% flash sale on April 26-28, 2022. Neither did I, until yesterday…
But the point is that you should take the step to claim your coupon at their website. Why? Those who have done so are getting early notification of these specials, like this flash sale. You’ll hear about them from our rep, Nyasha, before I do, and be able to respond.

Plus, you’ll be able to lock in your maximum discount forever. They keep track of your discount coupon so you will never miss the highest possible discount.

Claim your discount coupon here on the CaribHRForum partner information page. It’s free!

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