[Webinar] The Three Phases to Become Data-Ready as an HR Professional

You’re an HR Professional with an interest in improving your People Analytic and Dashboard skills.

There seems to be a lot of information floating around, but it’s only added to the confusion you feel.

You just don’t know where to start – it’s information overload.

In this webinar by Yolande Hylton and Francis Wade we share a way to plan your growth as a data-ready professional.

Our experience and research shows that most people follow a predictable path in their development in this area.

The key is to know the phases and identify where you are right now. That way you can save time and effort.

Plus, you can focus your attention on the topics that accelerate your current growth, while ignoring the rest.

This is a great tool to take into the upcoming conference so that you make the most of the sessions being offered.

You’ll be relaxed and confident that you are on the right path, even as you delay learning opportunities for later.

Come to this webinar ready to do some critical career planning.

Thurs Sep 1 at 6pm Ja/7pm T&T
The Three Phases to Become Data-Ready as an HR Professional

Register here – https://bit.ly/chrf-3-phases-dataready

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