Bajan, Jamaican and Trini Work-Culture

An article covering the work my company (Framework Consulting) does in companies was printed in the Observer, and then picked up by blogger Dennis Jones, in Barbados.

I thought his response was interesting, and quite unexpected as it draws direct comparisons between Jamaican work culture, and the one he found in Barbados as an outsider. Some of what he says was echoed in the first CaribHRForum Conference Call held last Friday.

(A link to a full recording of the call was sent last Friday to the discussion group.)

Click here to access Dennis’ article: “Why Get All Worked Up When You Can Wuk Up?”:.

Also, the original article by Observer columnist Jean Lowrie-Chin can be found by clicking here: “Jamaicans Rebel… Trinis Crack Jokes.”

Would love to hear comments and reactions either in the discussion group, or here.


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  1. Roxanne FordeOctober 28, 2009

    francis i love this article and will share it with colleauges who may be experiencing us in this way!

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