Thanks for Supporting CaribHR.Radio

We are about to have our tenth programme on CaribHR.Radio and I’d like to thank those of you who have been supporting the show with your listenership.

So far we have had over 2250 distinct listeners, and those numbers keep rising due to the availability of the shows in our archive. Beyond that, it’s been a lot of fun to do, in spite of numerous technology challenges!

It’s a good time to focus on some new ideas.

I’m thinking of highlighting some best practices that companies across our region are doing, in an effort to share some of the great wins that I keep hearing about. If you and/or your company are interested in sharing some of the good things you are doing, please drop us a line and let us know — you may have something that others would love to learn from!

Here is the link to the past episodes… just in case you have lost it!

Listen to internet radio with CaribHR Radio on Blog Talk Radio

P.S. Now… how about placing ads on the show?

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