Webinar: Tools for HR Professionals to Take Back their Wellness

In the pandemic’s aftermath, what tools should HR start using to take back its own wellness?

The pandemic has put an unforeseen level of stress on Human Resource Professionals working in Caribbean companies. Not only are they taking care of individuals, but also communities who must deal with a new need for mental wellness and psychological safety.

Being equipped for this new challenge isn’t easy. How do HR Professionals implement a new level of self-care and psychological safety, even as they act as front-line, first-responders in their companies?

Come to this session and learn some tools HR Professionals need to take care of themselves first, especially in the moments when the stakes are high and there is almost no first-hand experience to draw on.

Time/Date: Wed April 28, 2021 6pm Ja / 7pm T&T

This webinar series brings together Registered Counselling Psychologist Shauntée Walters and Senior Human Resources Executive, Ingrid Wilson. But this is no ordinary webinar. These two individuals are from diverse backgrounds, with a wealth of knowledge and experience, marrying individual intervention and prevention skills with tools to help Human Resources leaders succeed in this changing environment.

This Webinar series offers far more than you would gain from reading an article or watching a video. Come prepared with your questions and comments and be ready to leave inspired. This is the second installment in the series.

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