Webinar: Secrets to hosting engaging online workshops

Are you actively developing your skills at presenting online? How about that of your staff?

Are you choosing the right hardware and software to produce good results? How about ensuring cameras are kept on for engagement? Are your people putting their best professional presence forward on calls?

These are nagging questions that have only recently become priorities. Now, they are all more important than the shoes you wear each day, and it’s all due to COVID, working from home and advancing technology.

As you may agree, these are all Human Resource concerns which just happen to have a technology aspect. In every Caribbean company, HR must work with the business to get the right answers as these are new, mandatory skills workers at all levels need to have.

When they are missing, you have a problem. Even with your CEO, Chairperson or client.

To lead the way, what if you start with your own skills and know how to improve them? Join Jamila Bannister (T&T) from the Brandprint Summit and Georgia Donaldson (Ja), former president of a regional Toastmasters Club. These two experienced presenters will address technical, personal and branding issues related to making effective virtual presentations.

They’ll conclude the evening with a roleplay – a chance to put their advice into action. It will be a fun, safe place to do things a little differently without repercussions.

Come and join in the fun, especially if you plan to present in the future e.g. at our virtual conference in September. Or if you coach others (like your boss!) before they go on a virtual stage.

Thursday August 12th, 2021 at 6pm Ja / 7pm T&T

Plus, you’ll get to network with other HR Professionals on our Remo platform, and walk away with a unique learning experience plus a bunch of new skills.

Don’t miss this – space is limited so put this one in your calendar!

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