What Your CEO Wants – HR Analytics

Isn’t this what your CEO wants now from HR – more than anything?

You’re an HR Professional who needs to talk the language of a CEO: analytics. It’s one way to gain the respect needed to future-proof your career as an HR practitioner or consultant.

But there are precious few practical opportunities to gain exposure to the practical skills needed…and you really need to start developing the kind of data fluency that would make a difference. Perhaps a beginner’s step might help.

Come to this CaribHRForum webinar for a solid introduction to HR Analytics. It’d being led by two members of our network. Kerron Ramganesh is an IT professional who has been teaching HR analytics to practitioners in the region for more than a decade. He’s completed 9 certificates at the Academy to Innovate Human Resources (AIHR). Carol Bent Wright is defending her PhD in Human Resources in the next few weeks and she’s also an alumnus of AIHR.

They’ll explain recent findings showing that some 60% of HR Professionals are falling behind their digitally skilled colleagues. But that’s just the start. They’ll suggest ways to build your skills so that whenever you are talking to decision-makers, you are speaking their language.

Don’t miss this session – it could be the start of something important.

Building HR’s Readiness for Analytic Leadership
Wed Nov 17th at 6pm J/7pm T&T
(Space in our interactive room is limited.)

The webinar will include interactive exercises at your private Remo table, plus a regional networking session.

Finally, you’ll hear us announce an outstanding discount to AIHR programs being offered during their annual Black Friday Sale. Save 45% in this once-per-year opportunity.

You can find more information about our link with AIHR here.

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