Should HR Professionals Put Themselves First?

As an HR Professional you have a keen interest in the emotional well-being of your staff. But when it comes to your own self-care, you sometimes make sacrifices, putting others first, and leaving yourself for last.

In this webinar we’ll put you first.

You want to be resilient, able to bounce back after periods of overwhelm, burnout or anxiety. But who has time to focus on developing the skills needed to put modern recovery strategies in place? Most HR Professionals give and then give some more, and aren’t taught how to regain their footing quickly.

Come to this webinar whether you are Breaking, Bending or Thriving, ready to transform yourself into someone who is tougher than before. We’ll be taking a cross-regional approach in a session led by Amoy Van Lowe from Trinidad and Tameca Brown from Jamaica/USA.

They’ll introduce you to a new approach which comes from their combined experience. But you’ll do far more than just listen during this session…

On the Airmeet platform, during the webinar you’ll join other participants in private table chats in a unique exercise. Before you leave, you will receive tools to take home, and be invited to an extended, informal networking session to meet other HR Professionals.

Time: Thursday March 31st, 2022 at 6pm Ja / 7pm T&T-EDT
Register here:

Space is limited, so reserve your seat soon.

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