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Welcome to CaribHRForum, the best online community of HR practitioners in the Caribbean.

Here is a short video I put together describing why I think you might be interested in joining our community — it takes a little over 4 minutes to watch:

Joining our community of almost 600 members is easy, and it’s free.  For example, within about 5 minutes, you can be interacting with every single other member of our discussion list which was started in 2003.

But before you click on the button below, there are a few stipulations…

1. You must have an interest in the field of Human Resources.

2. Given that this is a community people interested in the Caribbean, I’d also recommend that you have some kind of commitment to the region, its companies, people and countries.

That’s it!

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CaribHRUpdatesThe best place to start is by registering for update emails. These monthly emails give you an overview of what’s happening in the CaribHRForum community and touch on all the recent activities. With each update, you’ll be informed… and never once miss a beat.

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Once you have registered, I’ll send you some more information about CaribHRNet and CaribHRNews.

Welcome to our community!



P.S.  If the page is down for some reason, you can also send email to and you’ll automatically receive the same email response.


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