Jack Welch et al in Barbados

jack_welch.jpgRecently, Jack Welch, Dennis O’Brien of Digicel and Arthur Lok Jak of Neal and Massy presented at the Caribbean International Leadership Summit in Barbados.

What is remarkable is that there were over 200 attendees to the two day event, each paying some US$1800 per person.

This clearly shows me that there is an appetite for this kind of event here in the region, and that CEOs are willing to invest the time and money to hear top quality information.

It is also great to see that the audios and PDF files from the top presentations are available for download from the website. (It now appears that the site is down, but this appears to be temporary.)

Kudos to those who had the vision to bring this together, and I am only sorry that I missed it.

Click here to be taken to the Conference website where the materials can be downloaded.

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