Is HR Recession-Proof?

In this time of cutbacks and layoffs occurring globally, any HR professional worth their salt must have asked this question:  Am I recession-proof?  An online search may reveal that HR is not included in lists of recession proof jobs and careers.

If an organization reviewing its labor pool and determines that the human resource department is one that it doesn’t need, we as a profession are in big trouble.  Since we are the ones who are involved in decisions like these, we know what executives and managers look for when laying off persons.  Two words come immediately to mind – dead weight.  How is ‘dead weight’ defined?

•    Has a negative, complaining attitude
•    Is a non-performer
•    Watches the clock
•    Lacks company loyalty
•    Has low skill
•    Adds no value/replaceable

Let it not be said of the human resource professional that these are the characteristics that describe us.  Instead, we must show that we are adding value to the organization by making efficient, creative use of resources and budgets, planning relevant programs, preparing employees for change and transitions, and presenting balanced, objective strategies to support the business.  No job is safe in times like these, but we can safeguard our careers in HR by being exceptional, committed, and irreplaceable.

Simmone Bowe


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