Simulations, e-Learning and Training in the Caribbean

There isn’t a lot of e-Learning being developed in the Caribbean for our companies and one big reason is the cost of using the tools needed to do a good job.

Over the past year, however, there’s been some new tools that have been introduced to the public that makes first-class e-Learning available to the public for the first time at reasonable prices.  The best of the bunch are Snap! and Snap Empower produced by Trivantis.

Any kind of training can be augmented with e-Learning that can represent a major costs saving, especially when large, geographically dispersed numbers of employees need to learn the same content.

Here is a sample of some e-Learning that I recently put together.  It’s an interactive Flash simulation in which a consultant / professional organizer names Wilma needs to learn some time management coaching skills in order to help a long-time client named Adam.

This simulation is part of the pre-workshop content that is included in a virtual classroom that is just about to be launched.  Try it out, and let me know your thoughts.

P.S.  This simulation is for an international conference, but there are others that I have put together for Caribbean clients that I’ll share in the near future.  Hopefully, there’s be others in the region who spend the time and effort to put together e-Learning like this, and even better.

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