Would you help me PlayTest a new platform for CaribHRForum?


Beta Testing is over!

Thanks to all those who participated.

You are invited to join CaribHRForum using this link: caribhrforum.mn.co

In the past few months I have shared the fact that we are building a new version of CaribHRForum Community using a new platform. In this email I would like to invite you to be one of the handful of people chosen to give it an early test.

As you may imagine, an online network of professionals in the HR industry crossing the Caribbean would be an innovation. At CaribHRForum we have tried different approaches since 2003 to achieve this objective, and finally a technology exists that allows us to connect in a fruitful way. (Yes… it’s far better than Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram.)


You can apply to help us PlayTest our Beta version which runs for the month of January 2019. It includes:
– a few Topics for discussion specially selected for the Beta, each led by a Moderator
– a new training customized for CaribHRForum – “How to Become a Great Online Community Member”
– the ability to connect with anyone via private chats and follows

All you need is the willingness to be honest, and an interest in one (or more) of these Beta Topics:

  • Employee Engagement / Culture (moderated by me)
  • Industrial Relations (moderated by Gerry Pinard)
  • Training (moderated by Tracey Wallace)
  • Finding a Job/Employment (moderated by Akeem Branford)

By the end of the Beta, you should not only have some valuable connections you can tap into whenever you want, but you should be able to develop the skills to benefit from any online professional network. Plus, it should be a fun opportunity to explore a fresh way to meet, support and link with future colleagues in the region.

Apply here by answering a few questions. The group will be limited in size so act quickly, if interested.

Francis Wade

P.S. Update – Jan 16th, 2019 –  we are undertaking one more round of testing, based on the feedback of over 100 users so far.


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