Galba Bright Tribute

galba1.JPGThe bad news has just been shared with me that Galba Bright passed away two days ago. His sudden passing comes as a shock to us all.

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His website is still active: and his very last recording, a podcast interview, can be accessed by clicking on the links below. This is an excerpt from this last post to CaribHRForum.


Anna Farmery, of The Engaging Brand Blog, one of the top 10,000 blogs in the world (out of over 70 million) interviewed me about Emotional Intelligence and Leadership recently.

Listen to Part 1:—emot.html

Listen to Part 2:—emot.html

In Part 1 (28 mins) we discuss:

* Why Emotional Intelligence is vital to today’s leaders and the role played by 3 of the 4 Emotional Intelligence competencies:

* Self awareness

* Self management, and

* Social awareness

In Part 2 (28 mins) we discuss:

* Relationship management, the fourth Emotional Intelligence competency.

* How to read and use an Emotional Intelligence assessment.

* Why self awareness is vital to modern leadership.

This interview will help you become a better leader. It can also help you make the case for introducing Emotional Intelligence Learning Programmes to your organisation.


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