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galba1.JPGThe bad news has just been shared with me that Galba Bright passed away two days ago. His sudden passing comes as a shock to us all.

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His website is still active: and his very last recording, a podcast interview, can be accessed by clicking on the links below. This is an excerpt from this last post to CaribHRForum.


Anna Farmery, of The Engaging Brand Blog, one of the top 10,000 blogs in the world (out of over 70 million) interviewed me about Emotional Intelligence and Leadership recently.

Listen to Part 1:—emot.html

Listen to Part 2:—emot.html

In Part 1 (28 mins) we discuss:

* Why Emotional Intelligence is vital to today’s leaders and the role played by 3 of the 4 Emotional Intelligence competencies:

* Self awareness

* Self management, and

* Social awareness

In Part 2 (28 mins) we discuss:

* Relationship management, the fourth Emotional Intelligence competency.

* How to read and use an Emotional Intelligence assessment.

* Why self awareness is vital to modern leadership.

This interview will help you become a better leader. It can also help you make the case for introducing Emotional Intelligence Learning Programmes to your organisation.


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  1. Erica AshtonApril 3, 2008

    This is really shocking. A light gone too soon. Rest in peace.

  2. Kwame CharlesApril 3, 2008

    It is with great shock and dismay that I learn of the passing of a colleague who, although I may have met no more than a few times at regional conferences, made an impression on me as a sincere, dedicated Caribbean man – even with his English accent! I will surely miss him, his intellect, his passion for developing Emotional Intellgence in our leaders and followers, his recognition that something was missing in us that we needed to correct if we really wanted to progress as a people. I will miss him dearly. Bon voyage, my friend.

  3. Fay Pape SukhuApril 3, 2008

    I will miss Galba greatly. He was a great sounding board for human resource ideas and concepts. He took up research interests that I would throw at him eg. Presenteeism. His contribution to the Forum was outstanding. His work with emotional intelligence particularly in Jamaica will be remembered by many of his clients.
    He has left a rich legacy of HR work which we will have to build on.
    Galba ….Thank you for challenging our minds and strengthening our professional capabilities.

  4. NOEL M. COWELLApril 3, 2008

    I too am shocked beyond belief. Galba was someone whom I truly admired for his intellect, his generosity of spirit and his zest for life. I last saw him at the HRMAJ conference. He was obviously ill; it appeared that he had suffered a stroke because he could barely walk. In fact I had to lend him my shoulder as he made the long walk down the passageway of the Jamaica Grande towards the main conference room where he made his presentation. As I walked slowly, being sensitive to his condition, he prodded me with his walking stick saying “hurry up man, what you waiting for”. I asked him how he was and he responded, “I am blessed and highly favoured”.

    Even though he body was at the time badly broken, his spirit was absolutely unbowed and he did not complain, did not succumb to the temptation to be sorry for himself. He smiled through the entire walk with me. While he made his presentation others may remember that he made fun of me as I sat in the audience. He smiled all through his presentation.

    Though I worried for him, I left the meeting with a lesson about life, about character, about guts, determination and personal strength.

    I share the view of our colleagues that Galba was a remarkable individual. He is a great loss to the HR community, but he left a huge legacy and I will personally take comfort in the fact that he lived as he did, achieved as he did and gave as he did.

    I don’t know his family, but I think they can find comfort in the fact that for a time they embraced a man of unquestionable greatness; a man that I and many others loved and respected.

  5. Lara Quentrall-ThomasApril 4, 2008

    I only met him once but Galba was a true gentleman. Genuine, kind and intelligent. His passing is a real loss to the Caribbean and he will be missed.

  6. Hope McNishApril 4, 2008

    I was taken aback by the news of Galba’s passing. Only last week I read his email about an interview with Anna Farmery, of The Engaging Brand Blog on Emotional Intelligence and Leadership and downloaded his 13 Emotional Intelligence Questions Every Leader Must Ask which he had kindly made available.

    His contribution will no doubt be missed. My condolences to his family and friends.

  7. BrigittApril 4, 2008

    This is very sad news! This reminds us how fragile life is. I had the pleasure of speaking with Galba on several ocassions over the last 2 or so years, and he was never less than optimistic and encouraging, vibrant and ready for any possibilities. A tribute on the site would be appropriate in my opinion. A frequent contibutor, his insight will be missed!

    Walk good Galba!

    Brigitt HooSang

  8. Margaret AudainApril 4, 2008

    I consider my self fortunate at having met Galba Bright at a 3 day workshop on E/I sponsered by the Cave Hill School of Business in 2007.As a result of the learned concepts of Emotional Intelligence,I encouraged Galba to share even further at an upcoming Industry Congress sponsored jointly by the Caribbean Assoc. of Insurance and Financial Advisors and the Barbados Assoc. being held in Barbados next month May 4th-7th. As a result of these ongoing arrangements, we were constantly on line about Congress matters, and my cell phone still shows his last phone call confirming his flight details, only 1 week ago! So you can imagine my feelings of deep shock and regret to learn of his passing. His sense of inner peace,and his brilliant and analytical mind, coupled with his gentleness will stay with me, and I am happy to have met such a person who displayed such care and love for people in general and for Caribbean persons in particular.On behalf of the members of the Insurance and Financial Service Industry, I offer condolences to his family, friends and the many persons throughout the world who he touched with his words, practices and his life.

  9. Paula PIttApril 4, 2008

    Galba and I connected at a Regional conference last year where he so unselfishly shared his passion through work books and other literature. He always e-mailed me about the progress I was making with EI. He had many talents and gifts and his presence and contribution will be missed by us all.

    My deeptest sympathy to his loved ones. May he rest in peace.

  10. Dennis StrongApril 4, 2008

    Your work lives on. Your have enriched the lives of people you have never even met. I am one of them.
    May God receive your soul and comfort your family and friends.

    God bless.
    Dennis Strong.

  11. NazApril 5, 2008

    I stumbled on his work only recently.He struck me as a man who knew at a guttural and instinctive level his purpose and essence….something therefore,he could not defect from.He LIVED his purpose.May such self awareness be our constant guide.Thanks Galba.

  12. Molly CrawfordApril 6, 2008

    I first met Galba at the HRMAB Annual Conference in 2006 when I facilitated his session on EI. I was struck by the fact that this obviously very intelligent person, wore an aura of humility rather than arrogance about him, gave freely where others would seek to charge. In reading the CaribHRforum and other comments, I now see that everyone recognized these traits of Galba’s. Galba was a kind and giving person and I will surely miss him. Be at rest, my friend.

    Molly Crawford

  13. Ilsa duVerneyMay 7, 2008

    Galba Bright- a Bright shining star- A GIANT of a consultant-unique and above the ordinary.
    I will miss our stimulating conversations – your appreciative approach. You left us a legacy- you became our guru on Emotional Intelligence – a true transformational leader- intellectually stimulating and inspiring- Too large to be summed up on paper….rest well my friend- job well done….Excellent, you did us proud!!
    Condolence to the family…remember Galba’s friend is your friend.
    Ilsa duVerney

  14. Gerard PinardMay 8, 2008

    I never had the opportunity to meet Galba in person, though I felt I got to know him pretty well through his many postings on HR issues and our few e-mail interchanges on matters of mutual interest.

    His passing is a great loss not only to the HR community in the Caribbean but to all Caribbean people who aspire to create our own space in this world that needs us more than ever.

    May God’s richest blessings be with Galba as he goes to his eternal reward and with all his family and loved ones who are left to mourn his passing.

    Gerard Pinard

  15. HRMAJMay 8, 2008

    The Human Resource Management Association of Jamaica deeply regrets the passing of Galba. We recognise his dynamic and thought provoking contribution to our conferences as well as the impact he had on our HR professionals, his Jamaican clients and the lives transformed by his work.

    We extend our sympathy to his family and know that his work and commitment will continue through the lives of the HR professionals that he connected with.

    Peace & Blessings

  16. Roxanne FordeMay 8, 2008

    Like many of you out there Galba’s e-mails always interested me and and ensured that I remained in the ‘know’. Shortly before his passing, he injected some much needed humor in the middle of a tough day with a facebook invite, i thought ‘Galba’s on face book too….geez, rox you’ve got to get with it!’ Only when he passed I realised that we had never met face to face….godspeed Galba may your work continue to inspire.

  17. StephanieMay 8, 2008

    I never met Galba personally but I had expressed and interest in his work on emotional intelligence and we corresponded for a short while via email subsequently. His passing is a huge loss to the HR community with whom he shared his knowledge.

    My sympathy to his family and other relatives. Galba rest in peace.

  18. FrancisMay 21, 2008

    Galba was a key contributor to the Caribbean HR profession and I always hoped to work with him one day. His passing came as a shock to me, as I knew him as young and vibrant, full of energy and passionate about his ideas.

    He always seemed to be keen to share his ideas and I miss him already.

    I first heard him speak at the HRMAB conference in Barbados, and knew then that he was something special.

    My deepest sympathies to his family and other friends.

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