Summer Madness

Does it seem as if all your employees go nuts during the summer? It’s almost as if the desire to work and common sense all go on vacation during the summer months. How can you maintain productivity during a period when no one really feels like working?

Revisit Performance Goals
What’s a better shake up than a mid-year check-up? This is a perfect time to discuss the performance goals that may have been set at the beginning at the year. The best of us can tend to get a bit lax unless we are reminded of the performance expectations. This is also a great opportunity to set new goals based on past successes and to train or coach through those areas that still require some focused effort.

Training exercises and short seminars can be great boosters for performance and motivation during sluggish periods. Well executed, relevant, and timely training programs can revitalize employee’s desire to perform well and help them to continue to develop skills, knowledge and attitudes prior to the end of year performance reviews.

Social Activities
And if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, as the saying goes. Sometimes none of us feels very productive. As Caribbean people, we need no real excuse to have a party; just invite a few folks, have a little food, drinks, and music, and it’s over! Social activities can promote unity, can reinforce concepts that have been trained, and can enhance the corporate culture.

The key to battling those times when your organization may not be meeting the required targets is not to address it by excessive discipline if that is not appropriate, but rather to identify performance trends, peak periods and critical needs of the employees and managers in order to effectively address them. Great HR means having your finger on the pulse of your organization while finding ways to pump life through its veins.


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