CaribHRForum Survey

CaribHRForum has just opened up its new survey on the possibility of conducting virtual HR conferences across the region.

I’d like to invite you to complete the following survey to help the planners and decision-makers decide whether or not a virtual conference would be something valuable to offer in 2009.

The survey includes 6 questions, all related to a new technology that is allowing conferences and their content to be offered remotely via the internet. At the end of the survey, you’ll find a link to an interesting example of a conference that is being offered not only live, but over the internet in stored audios and video.

I believe that offering virtual conferences are the only way for us in the region to overcome the obstacle of US$500+ fares. Not only are they a way for us to stay connected, but they are also a good alternative in these recessionary times.

This survey is only about regional HR conferences – please bear that in mind.

Incidentally, there are three regional HR conferences planned for the fall of 2009 – a first.

Click here to be taken to the survey:


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