Interview with Tom Crane

crane-tom-cranePodcast interview with Tom Crane based on the speech he gave to the Jamaica Employer’s Federation Convention in April 2009.  Tom is the author of “The Heart of Coaching,”  and both his book and work are detailed on his website —

Length of time:  34 minutes



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  1. Hey Francis:

    Very timely interview on coaching. I was inspired. I actually did a course with Ulla, from Growth Facilitators. It was awesome. I received a copy of Mr. Crane’s book the Art of Coaching. I believe more organizations (especially in Jamaica) should incorporate coaching in their operations.

  2. Hi Francis. I listened to your interview with Tom Crane. It is great, especially I like your exploration of the Caribbean culture challenge, which bogs down participants in our workshops to allow themselves to build that confidence in feedback and compassion! I will share this link to your podcast with all our Transformational Coaches! Thanks! Ulla, Certified Facilitator of The Heart of Coaching workshop.

  3. Francis, great stuff. We all appreciate the energy you put out to get these useful tools to us.

    I am a believer in Coaching and wish I could influence my colleagues to use it as a powerful tool to improve performance of their team members.

    I will continue to try!

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