Encountering the Boss from Hell

Now and then you simply can’t avoid the boss from hell. It’s better to have a plan than to run, according to my article in the Gleaner.

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  1. Anya Narine-MarajJune 27, 2014

    Having been on the receiving end of the “Boss from Hell”, I can certainly tell you that what you have written in your article is so true. My “Boss from Hell” had a way of breaking my spirit through insults, shouting at me, and no matter what I did, even if was to follow her instruction to the letter, it would still turn out wrong, thereby displeasing her and ended up in her taking out her anger on me. This broke my spirit, I never felt like going to work. I also began to think that I was really incompetent and as such would not be able to find another job. Eventually, with encouragement from my spouse and some co-workers, I faced her and asked her, “what can I do to make your job easier?” She just looked at me and was unable to respond. I also started to job hunt again. Even though she stopped berating me, the atmosphere was always tense and the work environment still uncomfortable. So, your advise to find another job is indeed a great one. It certainly worked for me. Eventually I was able to find another job, where I looked forward to going to work each day. Nevertheless, I have recently heard that she is still a “Boss from Hell” as she continues to terrorize the souls of her subordinates and she is stuck in her old time “war veteran” days.

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